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Design Fusion

Mastering Graphics and Branding

This course is specifically tailored to meet the needs of design college students and designers who are passionate about keeping up with the latest trends in the dynamic design industry. 


"Talent is Good, Practice is Better, Passion is Best"

Branding Item (Label Design)
Bood Cover Design
Logo Design
Branding Stationery
Expressive Typography

What is this Course about?

Unleash the Power of Design Principles

Design principles form the foundation of any successful visual composition. In this course, we dive deep into the principles that guide effective graphic design and brand development. From understanding the fundamentals of layout design to exploring the balance of elements, you'll learn how to create visually appealing and harmonious designs that capture attention and convey the desired message. By mastering design principles, you'll elevate your design skills and set a strong foundation for building memorable brand identities.


Harness the Art of Typography

Typography is an art in itself, capable of evoking emotions, communicating messages, and establishing brand identity. In "Design Fusion: Mastering Graphics and Branding," we delve into the intricacies of typography, exploring its various styles, techniques, and applications. You'll learn how to choose the right typefaces, create effective typographic compositions, and use typography to enhance the visual impact of your designs. With this knowledge, you'll be able to craft compelling brand messages through typography and create designs that resonate with your target audience.

Unlock the Secrets of Color Theory and Psychology

Colors have a profound impact on human emotions, perceptions, and brand associations. In this course, we unravel the mysteries of color theory and psychology, teaching you how to leverage the power of colors to create engaging and memorable brand experiences. You'll gain insights into color harmony, color symbolism, and the psychology behind color choices. By understanding the emotional and psychological impact of colors, you'll be able to design brands that evoke the desired responses and effectively communicate brand values.


Embrace the Psychology of Fonts

Fonts play a crucial role in brand perception and personality. In "Design Fusion: Mastering Graphics and Branding," we explore the psychology of fonts, delving into the nuances of font selection and usage. You'll learn how to choose fonts that align with brand attributes and evoke the desired emotional responses. By understanding the psychology behind font choices, you'll have the power to create visually impactful designs that resonate with your target audience and establish a strong brand identity.


From Brand Attributes to Brand Stationery: Crafting Brands from Scratch

Building a successful brand involves more than just a logo. In this course, we guide you through the process of developing a brand from scratch. You'll learn how to define brand attributes, create compelling brand propositions, and design brand stationery that reflects the brand's personality and values. With hands-on projects and real-world examples, you'll gain practical experience in crafting cohesive and impactful brand identities that leave a lasting impression on clients and customers.


Proficiency in Industry-Standard Software: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign

As a designer, mastery of industry-standard software is crucial. In this course, we ensure that you are well-versed in the tools and techniques used by professionals. Through hands-on exercises and practical projects, you'll develop proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign. These powerful software applications will become your creative playgrounds, enabling you to bring your design visions to life and achieve professional-grade results.










By enrolling in "Design Fusion: Mastering Graphics and Branding" at Birdie School of Design, you are embarking on a transformative journey that will sharpen your design skills, expand your creative horizons, and equip you with the knowledge to excel in the competitive design industry. Join our community of passionate designers and unleash your potential as you dive into the world of graphic and brand design. Get ready to master the fusion of creativity, strategy, and technical expertise and forge a successful career in the realm of visual communication.

Students Feedback

Sahil Khade.jpg

Truly enjoyed this course. I appreciate how the instructor surveyed the class before to get a sense of what we all wanted to take away from the course. The instructor was fantastic, very knowledgeable, and willing to answer questions as they came up. In the class, all concepts were explained in detail with full attention. The instructor explains concepts again and again with the same energy unless everyone gets it. New parts were introduced every day and no new topic get started before everyone get an idea of first.

Abhijeet Ghadge

Dr. DY Patil College of Applied Arts

Pune, India

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